Registration is now open for the 2nd season of the 5 Towns Girls Basketball League.
All games will be Monday Nights. From January 29th – March 26th (no class 2/19)

Teams will either play from 6-7 or 7-8pm
Cost – $199
This league will provide a fun and competitive environment for girls in Grades 3rd – 8th grade. This will be a girls only league. All participants and coaches/refs will be Female. All games will be played at Lawrence Middle School in Lawrence, NY. Men will not be allowed to watch the games.
Schedules and teams will be emailed out the week before the first game,
All teams will be reffed by professional women refs and coached by mothers (volunteers welcomed) with numerous adult supervision.

All girls are required to wear a skirt, the jersey which we will provide, and sneakers (same rules as the “skirts” yeshiva league). Grades 3-8 (separated by division) will consist of 10 weeks with the first week being a clinic and team practice, 6 weeks of regular season games, and the last 2 weeks playoffs/championship. There will be 10 players on a team with 5 players playing at once. The price for the season is $199 + $10 processing fee, there will be a form to pay VIA credit card after submitting application form. All participants in the league are expected to behave with the utmost respect and menchlikite to both the referees and the coaches. Mothers who would like to come and watch their children play are asked to politely watch from the sidelines and do not interfere with the game at all. Any concerns or issues that you have can be discussed after the games are over. Any mother that would like to coach please email Shana.steinmetz@gmail.com and please write in the email what grade you would like to coach. Teams will be made as fair as possible.
The league will be run by Shana Steinmetz, Director of Hustle & Heart girls basketball camp, past high school coach and has years of expertise in athletics.
Please email us with any questions
Shana Steinmetz -Shana.steinmetz@gmail.com