League Rules

League Rules:

Number of players playing on each team= 5

Game time: 4 8-minute (running time) quarters (this will enable 10 minute clinic/practice before every game)

Team with the most points wins the game. If game clock has ended and there is a tie-score, both teams will be awarded a tie.

Basketball League Rules:

  1. To begin the game: A jump ball at center court starts the game. After that, every team takes turn getting the ball after every jump ball and at the beginning of every quarter.
  • Teams change baskets for the second half (last 2 quarters)
  • After a team scores a basket, the other team gets possession
  • Every basket scored is worth 2 points, except for foul shots which are each worth 1 point
  1. In order to move the ball, a player must either dribble with 1 hand or pass the ball to another teammate.
  2. If a player has possession or touches the basketball while out of bounds, their team loses possession of the ball and the other team gains possession
  3. No Press Rule: Defense is not allowed to be played past half court
  4. 10 second Rule: Offense must pass half court within 10 seconds or it is a violation and they lose possession
  5. Foul: Players are encouraged to play defense and to attempt to block and steal the ball from the opposing team. The game has constant motion and contact between opposing players is unavoidable. However, significant contact by one opponent is a foul against that player. Examples of fouling is hitting the other player’s arm, body or reaching into them. If a foul is called, play is stopped and the team inbounds the ball from out of bounds. If a foul is committed while the offense was shooting, the offense is awarded 2 free shots, called Foul Shots. The offensive team can also commit fouls, called offensive fouls if they inflict significant contact. Examples are pushing their arm while moving or dribbling, or pushing the defense out of the way to get a rebound.
  6. Illegal Pick: An offensive player is not allowed to block the defense while moving. If occurs, the other team is awarded the ball.
  7. Traveling: When a player holding the ball moves illegally. This is either by moving her pivot foot or taking more than 2 steps without dribbling the ball.
  8. Self-Pass: A player is not allowed to throw the ball up in the air and then catch it. That is called a self-pass.
  9. Double Dribble: A player must dribble the ball with one hand at a time. A player who dribbles the ball with 2 hands or dibbles the ball with 1 hand, stops dribbling and starts dribbling again is illegal and called a double dribble.
  10. Foul Shots: When an opposing team commits a foul while the offense is attempting a shot, the offense is awarded 2 free shots, called foul shots. Each of these attempts is worth 1 point. If the second shot is made, the other team inbounds the ball from out of bounds under the opposing team’s basket.
  11. If the ball goes out of bounds, play stops and the opposing team inbounds the ball at the spot where the ball went out of bounds.